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Shaman Coal

 - A globally celebrated Hookah Charcoal Manufacturer. Winner of the  2018 "Best Charcoal Award" from John Calliano Shisha awards.

Enjoyed by thousands of passionate shisha connoisseurs in over 35 countries, we are proud to introduce our Hookah Charcoal to the US market. 

Now available in USA!

Why Choose SHAMAN?

Experience the Shaman Difference:

Exceptional Quality: Shaman Coal is crafted from the finest raw materials, ensuring a pure and consistent burn, enhancing the flavor of your shisha.

Award-Winning Excellence: Honored with the prestigious 2018 'Best Charcoal' award, our 26mm and 27mm exclusive blend stands out for its superior performance.

Global Recognition: Enjoyed by shisha enthusiasts in 35+ countries, Shaman is a trusted name, respected by industry leaders worldwide.

Long-Lasting Burn: Our coal is designed for extended sessions, providing a prolonged and satisfying hookah experience.

Industry Leadership: As leaders in wholesale sales and developers of the world's largest hookah charcoal, we set the standard for quality and innovation.

For more information, visit our HQ: www.shamancoal.com



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Providence RI 02907